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This is a community for people to play and discuss games with friends. Bring your mates along and meet some new pals. Who knows, they might become your buddies.

You've got work and you probably need to feed the kids, that's fine. We don't expect you to grind for three hours each night, and the only criteria for entry is to be a fun person to chat and play with. If you can only connect once or twice a week for an hour, no problem. We'd be happy to have you!





Who and Why

I'm @JacobJangles. My slice of internet has a bunch of stuff about things I've been working on and thinking about. Feel free to contact me about anything.

This website and TeamSpeak ultimately exists because I wanted to learn a bit about Linux. It has become an ongoing project I administer for fun and learning, and has the pleasant consequence of providing a place where I can play games with friends and strangers.

Crystal Docks started as a guild, became a server for friends, then a small community for pals.

Your Information

Some of your information is collected while you're using this site and other services. Not much, but you need to know.

This website (and any other, really) will grab your IP Address, your User Agent, the date and time, and what your browser requested.

TeamSpeak will log your TS3 name, IP address, and port when you enter and exit the server. Chat messages are saved locally by anyone in the server who sees the message. Other users might be recording gameplay, including what you're saying. TeamSpeak has global encryption on. What you say and type is encrypted. File sharing is not encrypted.

Terms of Service


You agree to the terms, or you can't use our stuff. Our stuff is for personal use only and can't be used for illegal stuff. You must be 18 or older. If you get linked to stuff that isn't ours through our stuff, it's got nothing to do with us. We can kick you out for any reason (we probably won't). The Terms are made with the laws of NSW, Australia in mind. We can change these Terms of Service at any time and your continued use of our stuff means you agree. If you're not sure about anything, contact us.

Click the button below for the full terms - we didn't pay anything and had some random site generate it. How good is the internet?